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JT&E Structure and Processes

The Joint Test and Evaluation (JT&E) Program process begins with a request for nominations from DOT&E to the Services, CCMDs, defense agencies, the Joint Staff, and the OSD staff. The JPO will actively solicit nominations through formal "Call for Nominations" letters. Nominations can come from all sources, including CCMDs, the Joint Staff, the Services, and the OSD.

The nomination sponsor will submit a nomination package through the appropriate Service, Joint, or OSD channels to the JPO. Service headquarters often screen their respective nominations and decide which ones to forward. If a nomination package does not meet the essential minimum standards for a joint test (JT) nomination, the JPO will return it to the nominator with specific rationale. If the nomination package meets all the requirements, they will be prioritized by the Planning Committee and briefed to a Senior Advisory Council (SAC). Using the SAC's recommendations, the DOT&E will select the most relevant and achievable of the nominations for direction to enter the Joint Feasibility Study (JFS) phase.

Nominations selected to enter the JFS phase have six months to expand and refine the program, assess the feasibility of executing a joint test effort, and prepare pertinent documentation. The JFS Director and support staff will work closely with joint test support cell (JTSC) to develop these deliverables. The JFS Director will have also coordinated, at least informally, anticipated resources with the JPO and Service representatives prior the JT&E chartering decision. This second SAC will meet, review the JFSs, and recommend one of the two JFS be chartered for up to two years as a joint test. The Project Management Plan is approved by DOT&E (Deputy Director, Air Warfare). A Technical Advisory Board will meet to review each JFS's test concept and will provide a recommendation to the SAC on the feasibility and executability of the proposed JT. The TAB will review each JFS Test Plan and make charter recommendations to the SAC.

The OSD JT&E charter letter will be the authority for the Joint Test Director to proceed with staffing, planning, execution, analysis, reporting, and test product development of the Joint Test (JT). The charter letter also provides authority for the JT to establish direct contact with participating agencies to obtain required support.



     For more information, please contact (571) 372-3838 or jpo@jte.osd.mil